Age- and Gender-Adjusted Prescription Fill Measures (2007–2010) by to Drug Group, State, and Payer

Drug GroupProportion of all FillsOverall CommercialOverall MedicaidME CommercialME MedicaidNH CommercialNH MedicaidVT CommercialVT Medicaid
Rate of use: payer specific fills per 100 PYs
 ADHD medications12.8%
Prevalence of use: annual proportion of the population with one or more fill
 ADHD medications4.2%7.7%4.3%8.2%4.7%7.9%3.3%6.5%
  • Missing Maine Medicaid data from July 2009 through December 2010. Antacids include both proton pump inhibitors and histamine2-receptor antagonists. The proportion of the population with ≥1 fill is the mean of each annual prevalence value 2007–2010. ME, Maine; NH, New Hampshire; VT, Vermont.