Key Action Statement 3B: Clinicians should dose propranolol between 2 and 3 mg/kg per day unless there are comorbidities (eg, PHACE syndrome) or adverse effects (eg, sleep disturbance) that necessitate a lower dose (grade A, moderate recommendation).

Aggregate Evidence QualityGrade A
BenefitsThe recommended doses have been associated with high clearance rates of IH
Risks, harm, costResponse rates for higher or lower doses have not been well studied
Benefit-harm assessmentBenefits outweigh harms
Intentional vaguenessNone
Role of patient preferenceParents will be involved in the decision about dosing in the setting of PHACE syndrome or the occurrence of adverse effects
ExclusionsSee KAS 3A; dosing may be modified if comorbidities exist
StrengthModerate recommendation
Key references1,46,61,76