Top 10 Outcomes From the Discovery Set Tested in the Validation Set for Possible Association With Milk Exposure Among Case Patients With DG

1. ABER wave 3 latencyAge, sex, and region.810
2. NG mean error spiral 1 for right handAge and sex.557
3. NG completion time spiral 1 for left hand.985
4. WISC IV integrated spatial span backward standard scaled scoreRegion.118
5. NG RMSE spiral 1 for right handAge and sex.431
6. ABER wave 5 latencyAge, sex, and region.253
7. NEPSY II route finding score percentileSex and IQ.814
8. NEPSY II word generation initial letter scaled scoreIQ.606
9. Head circumferenceAge, race and ethnicity, sex, and IQ.807
10. BMIAge, race and ethnicity, and region.799
  • Unadjusted P values are presented for the milk exposure regression coefficient in validation models. ABER, auditory brainstem evoked response; NG, neuroglyphics; RMSE, root-mean-squared error; WISC IV, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fourth Edition; —, not applicable.