Cost of DD Due to Waiting for HCN

New PatientsExisting PatientsAll patients
Patients with DD due to waiting for home care nurses25328
Total DD d waiting for home care nurses13471071454
Hospital costs for DD waiting for home care nurses$5 296 404$420 724$5 717 128
Average home care nurse h per d15.715.515.7
Home care costs for DD d$713 398$55 927$769 326
Hospital cost less home care cost$4 583 006$364 797$4 947 802
Averages per patient with DD waiting for home care nurses
 DD d53.935.751.9
 Hospital costs for DD waiting for home care nurses$211 856$140 241$204 183
 Home care costs for DD d$34 511$22 546$33 229
 Hospital costs less home care cost$177 345$117 695$170 954
  • Hospital costs per day were estimated at $3932. The reimbursement or cost for HCN was estimated at $40.72 per hour.