Demographics and Other Characteristics of W1 Youth Who Completed a W2 Interview (n = 10 081)

na%b95% CIb
Age, yc
Race and/or ethnicity
 White, non-Hispanic484454.654.1–55.1
 African American, non-Hispanic137113.713.4–14.1
 Other, non-Hispanicd9299.28.9–9.5
Education (grade in school)
Census region
Ever substance use
  • From the US PATH Study (2013–2014).

  • a Unweighted sample size (numbers may not sum to the total because of missing data).

  • b Percentages and 95% CIs are weighted to represent the US youth population at W1.

  • c Specific ages were not available for PATH Study youth.

  • d Includes Asian Americans, American Indians and/or Alaskan natives, Pacific Islanders, and those who reported >1 race.

  • e Includes those who were not enrolled, who were homeschooled, whose schools were not graded, who were in 12th grade, and who were in college or vocational school.