Prevalence of Behavior Problems Among Children by CD Status, National Estimates From the 2001 ECLS-B

Child Behavior Problems, by AgeCD Status, Ages 9 to 24 mo
TD, %Ever, %PaResolved, %Newly Developed, %Persistent, %Overall χ2P
9 mo (n = 8000)
24 mo (n = 8000)13.022.1<.000119.3b21.8b35.5b<.0001
4 y (n = 7250)9.018.2<.000113.3b20.8b24.1b<.0001
5 y (n = 5700)7.513.6<.000112.7b13.7b16.9b<.0001
  • Weighted estimates. Percentages may not sum to 100 due to rounding. Unweighted sample sizes were rounded to the nearest 50 in accordance with NCES guidelines. Child behavior problems were defined as falling in the top 10th percentile of ITSC (ages 9 and 24 mo) and PKBS-2 (ages 4 and 5 y) scores.

  • a P value for difference comparing children with ever CD to TD children.

  • b Indicates statistically significant difference from TD children (P ≤ .05).