Representation of Women Among Leadership of the FOPO and Associated Pediatric Medical Societies

SocietyWomen, n of N (%)President Equivalent
FOPO leadership and society representatives1710 of 18 (56)Woman
 Academic Pediatric Association Board of Directors186 of 11 (54)Man
 AAP Board of Directors196 of 10 (60)Man
 American Board of Pediatrics Board of Directors208 of 15 (53)Man
 American Pediatric Society Council214 of 11 (36)Woman
 Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs Officers and Board of Directors226 of 10 (60)Woman
 Association of Pediatric Program Directors234 of 7 (57)Man
 Society for Pediatric Research Council2411 of 19 (58)Man
Aggregate55 of 101 (54)3 of 8 (38%)