Neurologic, Psychiatric, and Developmental Disorders in LPT Infants as Adults

Neurologic and Psychiatric ConditionsRelative Risk of LPT Versus Term (95% CI)
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder1.7 (1.2–2.5)
Any psychiatric disorder3.74 (1.59–8.78)
Any anxiety disorder3.85 (1.52–9.52)
Cerebral palsy2.7 (2.2–3.3)
Cognitive disability1.6 (1.4–1.8)
Schizophrenia1.3 (1.0–1.7)
Any disorder of psychological development, behavior, and emotion1.4 (1.3–1.5)
  • Adapted from Moster D, Lie RT, Markestad T. Long-term medical and social consequences of preterm birth. N Engl J Med. 2008;359(3):262–273; and Kardatzke MA, Rose RS, Engle WA. Late preterm and early term birth: at-risk populations and targets for reducing such early births. NeoReviews. 2017;18(5):e265–2376. CI, confidence interval.