Models for Each Outcome With R2 > 0.10: Vineland-II Adaptive Behavior Composite: Standard Score (n = 152, Adjusted R2 = 0.32)

VariableEstimatePAdjusted R2
Male sex−8.5.0020.05
Perfusion type.040.03
 DHCA only2.6
 RCP and DHCA time ≤10 min−5.2
 RCP and DHCA with DHCA time >10 minReference
Need for ECMO during hospitalization−
Need for catheterization after stage 2 surgery−
Seizures reported before 6 y−11.4.0060.04
Vision problems in first year−17.0060.06
Total complications from 2 y to Vineland-II−1.03.0020.02
  • DHCA, deep hypothermic circulatory arrest; RCP, regional cerebral perfusion; —, not applicable.