Recommended Seasonal Influenza Vaccines for Different Age Groups: United States, 2018–2019 Influenza Season

VaccineTrade NameManufacturerPresentationThimerosal Mercury Content (μm of Hg per 0.5 mL Dose)Age GroupCPT Code
 IIV3Fluzone high-doseSanofi Pasteur0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥65 y90662
 IIV3AfluriaSeqirus0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥5 y90656
5.0 mL multidose vial24.5≥5 y90658
 aIIV3FluadSeqirus0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥65 y90653
 ccIIV4Flucelvax quadrivalentSeqirus0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥4 y90674
5.0 mL multidose vial25≥4 y90756
 IIV4Fluzone quadrivalentSanofi Pasteur0.25 mL prefilled syringe06–35 mo90685
0.5-mL prefilled syringe0≥36 mo90686
5.0 mL multidose vial25≥6 mo90687, 90688
 IIV4Fluarix quadrivalentGlaxoSmithKline0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥6 mo90686
 IIV4FluLaval quadrivalentID Biomedical Corporation of Quebec0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥6 mo90686
Distributed by GlaxoSmithKline5.0 mL multidose vial<25≥6 mo90688
 IIV4Afluria quadrivalentSeqirus0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥5 y90686
5.0 mL multidose vial24.5≥5 y90688
 RIV4Flublok quadrivalentProtein Sciences Corporation (distributed by Sanofi Pasteur)0.5 mL prefilled syringe0≥18 y90682
Live attenuated
 LAIV4FluMist quadrivalentMedImmune0.2 mL prefilled intranasal sprayer02–49 y90672
  • aIIV3, adjuvanted inactivated influenza vaccine trivalent; ccIIV4, quadrivalent cell culture–based inactivated influenza vaccine; CPT, Current Procedural Terminology. Implementation guidance on supply, pricing, payment, CPT coding, and liability issues can be found in the Red Book Online.28 Adapted from American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Infectious Diseases. Recommendations for prevention and control of influenza in children, 2017–2018. Pediatrics. 2017;140(4):e20172550; and Grohskopf LA, Sokolow LZ, Broder KR, et al. Prevention and control of seasonal in uenza with vaccines: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices—United States, 2018–19 influenza season. MMWR Recomm Rep. 2018;67(3):1–20.