Summary of Food-Related Uses and Health Concerns for the Compounds Discussed in This Report

CategoryChemicalFood-Related UseSelected Health Concerns
Indirect food additivesBisphenolsPolycarbonate plastic containersEndocrine disruption1118
Polymeric, epoxy resins in food and beverage cansObesogenic activity,1922 neurodevelopmental disruption2326
PhthalatesClear plastic food wrapEndocrine disruption6,2729
Plastic tubing, storage containers used in industrial food productionObesogenic activity3032
Multiple uses in food manufacturing equipmentOxidative stress,33,34 cardiotoxicity35,36
Perfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs)Grease-proof paper and paperboardImmunosupression,37,38 endocrine disruption,3941 obesogenic activity,42 decreased birth wt43
PerchlorateFood packagingThyroid hormone disruption4446
Direct food additivesNitrates and nitritesDirect additive as preservative and color enhancer, especially to meatsCarcinogenicity,10,47,48 thyroid hormone disruption49,50