Multiple Regression Analyses for Associations Between Parent Use of Teaspoon or Tablespoon Units (vs Milliliter-Only Units) and Errors in Measurementa

nError in Measurement Compared With Intended DoseError in Measurement Compared With Prescribed Dose
AORb95% CIAORb95% CI
Entire parent sample2872.31.2––3.5
 Subgroup by HLAdequate1801.30.6––4.3
Subgroup by languageEnglish1532.30.9––3.8
  • a Controlling for parent age, race/ethnicity, language, country of birth, SES, education, health literacy; child age and child chronic disease; and site.

  • b AOR for error comparing parents using teaspoon or tablespoon units, with parent using milliliter-only units as reference group. AORs for parents who used “other” units not shown because of small n.