Injury Characteristics of the Parents and Children

Both Injured Child InjuredParent InjuredNeither Injured
Injured parents, n1753
 Injury mechanism, %NANA
  Motor vehicle occupant64.722.6
  Struck by an object0.03.8
 Transferred from another hospital, %17.7NA73.6NA
 HMC ED disposition, %NANA
  Operating room6.720.8
 ED motor GCS score, %NANA
  1, Pharmacologically paralyzed6.29.4
 ISS, mean (SD)6.4 (10.7)NA8.5 (8.2)NA
Injured children, n1652NANA
 Injury mechanism, %NANA
  Motor vehicle occupant68.713.5
  Struck by an object0.025.0
 Transferred from another hospital, %18.867.3NANA
 HMC ED disposition, %NANA
  Operating room7.113.5
 ED motor GCS score, %NANA
  1, not pharmacologically paralyzed0.01.9
  1, pharmacologically paralyzed0.01.9
 ISS, mean (SD)4.6 (7.2)7.0 (5.6)NANA
  • Medical records data were missing for 1 parent and 1 child. GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; HMC, Harborview Medical Center; ISS, Injury Severity Score; NA, not applicable.