Characteristics of Hospitals

HospitalsCollaborative QINICU QINonparticipantsP
AAP levelb, %
Hospital type, %
 For profit, private10.010.512.9
 Nonprofit private80.068.462.9
 Public, city or county0.015.811.4
 University of California5.00.07.1
NICU volume, %
 Lowest quartile20.031.628.2.01
 Second quartile20.026.326.8
 Third quartile10.010.532.4
 Highest quartile50.031.612.7
  • P values reflect χ2 test by hospital group. —, not applicable.

  • a Data on 5 centers that participated in the collaborative QI for only part of the study period are not shown.

  • b AAP levels of neonatal care, from AAP Committee on Fetus & Newborn. Levels of Neonatal Care. Pediatrics. 2012;130(3):587–597.