Factors Associated With Denying Being a User of Any Tobacco Product Among Past-30-Day Users of Specific Tobacco Product Types (N = 2350), NYTS 2016

CharacteristicCategoryaOR (95% CI)a
Tobacco product used in past 30 dCigarettes onlybReference
Hookah only1.13 (0.58–2.20)
E-cigarettes only2.81 (1.63–4.84)*
Cigars only2.51 (1.35–4.67)*
Smokeless tobacco only1.46 (0.73–2.92)
RYO and/or pipe tobacco only6.38 (2.50–16.25)*
Poly-tobacco usec0.51 (0.30–0.87)*
Usual source of tobacco products used in past 30 dPurchasedReference
Social sources (eg, family and/or friends)3.81 (2.80–5.17)*
Indeterminate1.78 (0.79–3.98)
Nicotine dependencedYesReference
No2.16 (1.56–3.00)*
Indeterminate1.73 (0.67–4.48)
Household member tobacco product useNoneReference
Combustible onlye0.96 (0.71–1.30)
Smokeless tobacco or e-cigarettes only1.15 (0.72–1.84)
Combined tobacco products0.55 (0.36–0.82)*
Race and/or ethnicityWhite, non-HispanicReference
African American, non-Hispanic2.81 (1.92–4.11)*
Asian American, non-Hispanic1.35 (0.34–5.40)
Hispanic1.94 (1.41–2.66)*
Other race and/or ethnicity1.24 (0.79–1.96)
Indeterminate2.77 (1.32–5.79)*
School levelHigh schoolReference
Middle school1.84 (1.32–2.55)*
Indeterminate1.79 (0.36–8.84)
Female0.97 (0.74–1.26)
Indeterminate0.97 (0.19–5.04)
  • CI, confidence interval; —, not applicable.

  • a Adjusted for all factors listed.

  • b Includes 1 individual who smoked bidis exclusively, and 124 who smoked regular cigarettes exclusively.

  • c Defined as the use of ≥2 products of those listed above.

  • d “During the past 30 days, have you had a strong craving or felt like you really needed to use a tobacco product of any kind?”

  • e Cigarettes, cigars, bidis, RYO tobacco, pipes, or waterpipes.

  • * P < .05.