Descriptive Statistics for Mediators and Depressive Symptoms in the Full Sample and by Sexual Orientation (n = 2396)

Full Sample (n = 2396)Heterosexual (n = 2191)Sexual Minority (n = 205)P
FrequencyWeighted %FrequencyWeighted %FrequencyWeighted %
Family satisfaction.010
 Low (0–5)50620.542419.38238.5
 Moderate (6–7)55223.650823.94418.1
 High (8–9)78333.774034.04330.1
 Very high (10)55122.251622.83513.3
Peer support, No. friends.200
 0 33514.530114.53414.1
 1–2 78732.172732.26031.8
 3–4 80233.472332.87942.5
 5–6 44920.042120.62811.6
Cyberbullying victimization.003
 None in the past couple of months180082.8169083.711067.8
 1–2 times in the past couple of months21711.518511.13216.8
 2–3 times a month or more1125.8885.22415.5
Unmet medical needs.003
Depressive symptoms (0–4)Weighted MeanWeighted SEWeighted MeanWeighted SEWeighted MeanWeighted SE
  • Frequencies and weighted percentages for the mediators were based on data from wave 2. χ2 (for mediators) and t (for depressive symptoms) tests were conducted to compare sexual orientation differences.