Sources of Information at the 6.5-Year Assessment of the EXPRESS Cohort According to the Occurrence of Lifetime CP (the Information From the Extended Chart Review is Included) and Disability

Lifetime CPNo CPa
All With CPSeverity of Disabilityb
Alive at 6.5 y of Age48101226413
Clinical examination and cognitive assessment with WISC-IV26 (54)9 (90)7 (58)10 (38)333 (81)
Clinical examination without cognitive assessment with WISC-IV10 (21)02 (17)8 (31)13 (3)
Evaluation based on original medical chart reviews9 (19)02 (17)7 (27)51 (12)
No outcome data at the 6.5-y assessmentc3 (6)1 (10)1 (8)1 (4)16 (4)
  • Data are presented as n (%). Percentages calculated for children alive at 6.5 y.

  • a Possible disability in children without CP was not classified in the current study.

  • b Criteria for the overall severity of disability classes are presented in Table 1.

  • c These results are based on data from the 2.5-y assessment.