Lessons Learned

Department chairs must place a high value on mentoring
Faculty buy in is essential
Junior faculty are eager to pay it forward after successful promotion
Every 6 mo is an optimal frequency for MC meetings
Three mentors on an MC is ideal
SCs should not serve on MCs of faculty in their sections
Mentors must have previous experience navigating the promotion process
MC service provides an arena in which members may develop their mentoring skills
Standardized templates allow for better mentee progress assessment
MC meeting oversight ensures compliance with timelines and completion of min
Tenure- and nontenure-track faculty members should be mentored equally
Participant investment in the FMP requires continuous communication and feedback
Participants must clearly understand their roles in the FMP
Mentors value formal recognition of service
Continuous fine-tuning of the FMP is essential for adaptation to evolving mentee needs
Mentees need a section-specific liaison who serves as their go-to person