Impact of the UAMS DOP FMP as Rated by Faculty in FMP Reviewed for PT

Survey ItemnMean (95% CI)P
1. Overall, I was satisfied with the DOP FMP234.61 (4.39–4.82)<.001
2. I would recommend my mentor and/or committee to my colleagues234.43 (4.15–4.72)<.001
3. The DOP FMP was a valuable experience224.73 (4.53–4.93)<.001
4. I have implemented the knowledge and skills gained in the DOP FMP in my career234.26 (3.99–4.53)<.001
5. I am better prepared to fulfill my role in the institution as a result of participation in the DOP FMP234.3 (4.03–4.58)<.001
6. I am better prepared to advance my career as a result of participation in the DOP FMP234.57 (4.35–4.78)<.001
7. I feel more comfortable approaching institutional leaders234.13 (3.83–4.43)<.001
8. I believe my MC had a positive impact on my career advancement234.52 (4.3–4.74)<.001
9. I have benefited from the mentoring relationship234.52 (4.27–4.78)<.001
10. My MC is readily available234.39 (4.11–4.68)<.001
11. I meet with my MC at least twice a year during mentoring season234.17 (3.79–4.56)<.001
12. I am better prepared to initiate and negotiate new mentoring relationships234.17 (3.92–4.42)<.001
13. My mentor and/or committee help(s) me to integrate my personal and/or professional responsibilities223.95 (3.63–4.27)<.001
14. I would like to have an official MC for my midcareer advancement234.13 (3.75–4.51)<.001
15. I feel comfortable transitioning from a mentee to a mentor role234 (3.74–4.26)<.001