Univariable Predictors of In-Hospital Mortality in Children (29 Days–<19 Years), 70 Total Deaths and 2273 Total Children

Risk FactorN With Mortality/N With VariableN With Mortality/N Without VariableOR95% CIP
LAMI country22/33548/19382.771.65–4.65<.001
Southern United States (versus Western, Northeastern, Midwestern United States)12/35521/7671.240.60–2.56.55
Hispanic ethnicity22/27148/20023.602.14–6.06<.001a
Black race3/16667/21070.560.17–1.80.33
Presentation without seizure45/157024/6320.750.45–1.24.26
Sickle cell anemia0/9870/2175NANANA
Prothrombotic disorder3/17367/21000.540.17–1.72.29
Congenital heart disease28/39742/17843.151.93–5.14<.001a
Arteriopathy (vasculopathy)11/67952/13830.420.22–0.81.01
Anterior and posterior circulation (reference group isolated anterior circulation)18/221Anterior only 34/1298; posterior only 11/4343.301.83–5.95<.001a
PedNIHSS median (IQR)20.5 (12.5–28) of 12 with PedNIHSS scores who died6.5 (3–12) of 342 with PedNIHSS scores who did not die1.13b1.08–1.19<.001
  • NA, not applicable.

  • a Also statistically significant in multivariable analysis.

  • b OR for PedNIHSS is per 1-point increase in score.