Parent and PCP Questions

Parent QuestionnairePCP Questionnaire
“What allergies, if any, are currently listed in your child’s medical record?”“Within your medical records does this child have a reported allergy to penicillin or cephalosporins?”
“Are you aware of the results of your child’s penicillin testing?”“Were you notified that this child was tested for penicillin allergy in the last year, and was found to be negative after an oral challenge?”
“Your child was tested for penicillin allergy and found to be negative. Did you discuss the research findings with your child’s primary care doctor?”“Has the child been prescribed any penicillin antibiotics or cephalosporins in the past year?”
“How comfortable would you be if your child was given a penicillin antibiotic now?”“If yes, after being prescribed the antibiotic did the child have any reported reaction to the antibiotic?”
“Has your child taken any antibiotics since being tested for penicillin allergy?”
“If yes, did the child have any reaction after taking the antibiotic?”