Causes of Death Among Children

Stroke-Related (N = 14)Stroke-Related Plus Medical Cause (N = 11)Medical Cause (N = 14)
Brain death (6)a,bCongenital heart disease plus support withdrawn due to stroke-related deficits (9)Bronchopneumonia (1)
Herniation (6)a,c,dSevere pertussis, support withdrawn due to medical severity and stroke-related deficits (1)Congenital heart disease (7)
Hemorrhagic transformation (4)b,dHuman immunodeficiency and unspecified stroke-related cause (1)Acquired cardiomyopathy (2)
Care withdrawn because of deficits (4)c,dChronic renal failure and renal transplant rejection (1)
Neurologic respiratory failure (1)Malaria (1)
Tuberculosis meningitis (1)
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis with acquired pulmonary hypertension leading to fatal arrhythmia (1)
  • a One child with brain death after herniation.

  • b One child with brain death after hemorrhagic transformation.

  • c One child with herniation leading to withdrawal of care.

  • d Two children with herniation after hemorrhagic transformation leading to withdrawal of care.