Univariable Predictors of In-Hospital Mortality in Neonates (0–28 Days), 14 Total Deaths and 915 Total Neonates

Risk FactorN With Mortality/N With VariableN With Mortality/N Without VariableOR95% CIP
Male sex12/5412/3744.220.94–18.96.06
LAMI country3/11211/8031.980.54–7.21.30
Southern United States (versus Western, Northeastern, Midwestern United States)2/673/2842.880.47–17.60.25
Hispanic ethnicity3/12511/7901.740.49–6.33.40
Black race0/3014/8851NANA
Presentation without seizure8/2436/6523.671.26–10.67.017a
Sickle cell anemiab0/014/915NANANA
Prothrombotic abnormality2/9412/8211.470.32–6.65.62
Congenital heart disease6/1257/7075.041.67–15.26.004a
Arteriopathy (vasculopathy)0/1610/7701NANA
Anterior and posterior circulation (reference group isolated anterior circulation)7/104Anterior only 7/632; posterior only 0/716.442.21–18.77.001a
  • NA, not applicable.

  • a Also statistically significant in multivariable analysis.

  • b No neonate was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia.