Primary Sample Characteristics

% of Na,b
Child sex
Child age in y (mean)9.30
Child age in y, categories
Parent sex
Parent age in y (mean)35.8
Parental education
 Less than HS33.0
 HS diploma or GED35.6
 Any college30.5
 Not specified0.9
Parental race
 Asian or Pacific Islander4.7
Parental ethnicity Hispanic32.6
Parent comfortable with English language85.3
Parental smoking status
 Current smoker24.3
 Not specified5.7
Family income (in dollars; mean)24 593.61
Family income, percentage of the FPL
 100% to <200%55.3
Family size (no. of members)
 7 or more12.3
Parental structure
 Single parent42.5
 Two parents57.5
  • GED, general education diploma; HS, high school.

  • a N = 266 557 804 weighted dyads (50 622 unweighted dyads).

  • b Or mean as otherwise specified.