Comparison of Median Number Alarms With MBD by Alarm Type

Before Any InterventionAfter All InterventionsAdjusted P (Benjamini-Hochberg)
Alarm type
 Low HR1.52.2<.0001
 High HR7.34.8<.0001
 Total HR9.17.5<.0001
 Low RR5.12.6<.0001
 High RR10.04.5<.0001
 Total RR16.88.0<.0001
 Totala low alarms28.326.7.4
 Totala high alarms23.713.4<.0001
 Totala alarms51.541.0<.0001
  • Low, alarm below set parameter; High, alarm above set parameter.

  • a Total = HR + RR + SpO2 + all rhythm disturbances + noninvasive BP measurements.