Posterior Distributions for Parameters Predicting BLL ≥10.0 μg/dL, Expressed as Odds (Intercept) and Odds Ratios (All Others), From Roberts and English6

ParameterMean (95% Credible Interval)
Intercept0.002 (0.001–0.004)
Race or ethnicity
 Non-Hispanic white and other1.00
 Non-Hispanic black2.71 (1.77–4.19)
 Hispanic0.46 (0.23–0.92)
Year housing built
 Pre-19783.63 (1.78–8.82)
Household poverty status
 Not in poverty1.00
 In poverty1.81 (1.16–2.85)
Time (per 2-y cycle, centered at 0)0.83 (0.73–0.94)
Region of residence
 Residence in Northeast1.00
 Residence in Midwest1.01 (0.80–1.28)
 Residence in South0.94 (0.82–1.06)
 Residence in West0.95 (0.82–1.12)