Adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for the Intervention’s Effect on FCR Checklist Element Performance (n = 668 Rounds)

FCR Checklist ElementOR (95% CI)
Nurse present0.63 (0.23 to 1.74)
Introductions made1.62 (0.70 to 3.76)
Assessment provided1.92 (0.69 to 5.31)
Plan summarized0.22 (0.02 to 2.08)
Family was asked for questions2.43 (1.01 to 5.85)a
Health care team was asked for questions4.28 (1.73 to 10.60)a
Discharge goals discussed1.96 (0.79 to 4.87)
Orders were read back12.43 (4.62 to 33.47)a
  • ↵a Indicates P < .05. Random effects logistic regression models compared pre- and postintervention checklist element performance for intervention services versus usual care services, accounting for repeated measures across the stay for a given patient and adjusting for child age, health status, length of stay, and parent education.