Methodological Quality Assessment According to the NOS

Representativeness of the Exposed CohortSelection of the Non-exposed CohortAscertainment of ExposureDemonstration That Outcome of Interest Was Not Present at Start of StudyComparability of Cohorts on the Basis of the Design or AnalysisAssessment of OutcomeFollow-up Was Long Enough for Outcomes to OccurAdequacy of Follow-up of Cohorts
Andersen et al,12aaabccc
Cea Soriano et al,18aaabccc
Dehlink et al,11aaabccc
Källén et al,15aaaabcc
Mulder et al,13aaabccc
Yitshak-Sade et al,14aaabcc
Hak et al,16aaabccc
Mulder et al,17aaaabccc
  • —, not applicable.

  • a Selection.

  • b Comparability.

  • c Outcomes.