Overall Intervention and Cybercycling PE Effects on Behavioral Outcomes Compared With Control Condition

OutcomeOverall Intervention Effect, Adjusted OR (95% CI)aIntervention Effect on Cybercycling PE Days, Adjusted OR (95% CI)b
(Model 1)(Model 2)
Exceeds Total CATRS-10 Screening Threshold0.68 (0.57– 0.81)0.29 (0.14–0.61)
Exceeds Impulsivity/Hyperactivity Threshold0.49 (0.36–0.67)0.28 (0.13–0.59)
Exceeds Emotional Lability Threshold0.64 (0.52–0.77)0.24 (0.11–0.53)
1+ TOC events/day1.04 (0.92–1.18)0.43 (0.26–0.72)
5+ TOC events/day0.54 (0.32–0.91)0.10 (0.02–0.61)
10+ TOC minutes/day1.03 (0.89–1.18)0.50 (0.29–0.89)
90+ TOC minutes/day1.04 (0.84–1.31)0.34 (0.14–0.84)
  • a Adjusted for treatment order and accounting for random effect of individual and random effect of classroom assignment. Odds relative to any day in the control condition.

  • b Adjusted for treatment order, elective biking days, and nonadherent PE class days in the treatment condition. Odds relative to nonbiking days in the control condition.