Comparison of Crib Adherence to the 2011 AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines by Retailer Location and Setting

Retail Location (n)TotalTotal No. AdherentTotal % AdherentTotal OnlineNo. Online Adherent% Online AdherentTotal In-StoreNo. In-Store Adherent% In-Store AdherentP Online versus In-Store Adherence
Big box retailers (2)66836855.165935954.599100.0.005
Infant-specific retailers (2)65032750.362231851.128932.1.055
Department stores (2)35316546.734916146.144100.0.047
Warehouse club retailers (2)542138.9542138.90N/AN/AN/A
Furniture stores (3)331751.5281760.7500.0N/A
  • The P value was determined utilizing Fisher’s exact test because the values for many of the in-store cribs were smaller than could be analyzed by using χ2. n = Number of store brands surveyed. N/A, The number of cribs sold in the physical store was not sufficient to allow statistical analyses.