Content of RTL Laws

StateEntities Responsible for RTLRequired RTL Education of School PersonnelRequired RTL PolicySpecified Standards for RTL ProtocolOther Actions Related to RTL Mandated by LawDoes the Statute Apply to All Students?
ILSchool and districtNoYes; established by schoolsYes; protocol must be based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence consistent with CDC guidelinesSchools must establish concussion oversight team and designate RTL coordinatorYes; applies to all students regardless of concussion mechanism or setting
MASchool and districtNoYes; established by schools and school districtsYes; protocol must include physical and cognitive rest “as appropriate.” Must also include plan for communication between school, health care providers, and familySchools must designate RTL coordinator. For each injured student, school personnel, and primary health care provider must develop a written academic reentry planNo; statute’s scope is student-athletes.
MDStateYes; for school coaches onlyYes; established by state Department of EducationNoNoYes; scope not clearly delineated but appears to apply to students with diagnosed head injury
MESchool and stateNoYes; established by state Commissioner of EducationNoNoUnclear; statute mandates management of concussive and other head injuries in “school activities and athletics.” Unclear whether student’s mechanism of injury would also need to be in this context
NESchoolNoYes; established by schoolsYes; protocol must recognize that injured students may need informal or formal accommodations, and monitoring by medical or academic staffNoUnclear; statute mandates establishment of RTL protocol for “students” without qualifiers: but this mandate given within the context of a section on school duties regarding student-athletes.
NYSchool and stateYes; for coaches, nurses, and school athletic personnelYes; established by state Commissioners of Education and HealthNoSchools and state departments of health and education must provide access to RTL guidelinesYes; applies to all students regardless of concussion mechanism or setting
VADistrict, stateNoYes; by school districts and state Board of EducationYes; protocol must require schools to accommodate a gradual reentry on the basis of the primary health care provider’s recommendationNoNo; statute mandates insertion of RTL protocol into school policies for concussions in student-athletes.
VTSchoolNoYes; by schoolsNoNoNo; scope is student-athletes