Mental Health and Alcohol/Substance Use Characteristics and Suicide in Children Aged 5 to 11 Years Compared With Early Adolescents Aged 12 to 14 Years Who Died by Suicide in 17 US States, 2003–2012

CharacteristicChildren (n = 87)Early Adolescents (n = 606)P
Mental health characteristica
 Current mental health problem2734.618334.8.98
 Current mental health treatment1823.114126.8.49
 History of mental health treatment2734.616831.9.64
 Current depressed mood1316.716431.2.009
Mental health diagnoses present in those with a current mental health problemb
 Bipolar disorder27.42212.0.75
 Anxiety disorder311.194.9.19
 Obsessive-compulsive disorder13.721.1.34
 Other mental disorder829.63318.0.16
Alcohol/drug-related precipitating circumstancesa
 Alcohol problem0091.7.61
 Other substance problem11.3264.9.24
Presence of alcohol or drugs at time of death
  Present (among those tested)11.6173.9.71
  Present (among those tested)12.451.6.53
  Present (among those tested)23.9247.5.56
  Present (among those tested)00145.7.39
  Present (among those tested)c0000NA
  Present (among those tested)511.93513.1.83
  • NVDRS participating states (and years) were as follows: Alaska, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, and Virginia (2003–2012); Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin (2004–2012); Kentucky, New Mexico, and Utah (2005–2012); and Ohio (2010–2012). NA, not applicable.

  • a Precipitating circumstances were known in 78 child decedents and 526 early adolescent decedents; number and percentages are reported.

  • b Nchildren = 27, Nearlyadolescents = 183.

  • c None of the youth tested positive for cocaine; no statistical test was conducted.