Individual Characteristics and Precipitating Circumstances of Suicide in Children Aged 5 to 11 Years Compared with Early Adolescents Aged 12 to 14 Years in 17 US States, 2003–2012

Characteristic or Precipitating CircumstanceChildren (n = 87)Early Adolescents (n = 606)P
Suicide method.008
 Hanging, strangulation, or suffocation7080.538764.1
 Other methodsa22.3101.7
Injury occurred at decedent’s residence.006
Time of injury leading to death.84
 12:00–5:59 am46.8267.4
 6:00–11:59 am711.95515.8
 12:00–5:59 pm2644.113538.7
 6:00–11:59 pm2237.313338.1
Decedent was in public custody when injury occurred>.99
Precipitating circumstancesb
 Boyfriend/girlfriend problem008416.0<.001
 Other relationship problemc4760.324246.0.02
 Perpetrator of interpersonal violence11.361.1>.99
 Victim of interpersonal violence11.3152.9.71
 Recent criminal legal problem11.3264.9.24
 Other legal problem11.391.7>.99
 Physical health problem33.8152.9.72
 School problem2532.118134.4.68
 Recent crisis3038.519136.3.71
 Death of friend or family member22.6264.9.56
Suicide-related circumstancesb
 History of suicide attempt810.38015.2.25
 Suicide intent disclosed2329.515228.9.92
 Presence of a suicide note67.715930.2<.001
 Recent suicide of friend or family member11.3264.9.24
  • NVDRS participating states (and years) were as follows: Alaska, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, and Virginia (2003–2012); Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin (2004–2012); Kentucky, New Mexico, and Utah (2005–2012); and Ohio (2010–2012).

  • a Other suicide methods include fall, transportation-related, drowning, cut/pierce, fire/burn, and unspecified methods.

  • b Precipitating circumstances were known in 78 child decedents and 526 early adolescent decedents; number and percentages are reported.

  • c Suicide deaths related to friction or conflict with friends or family.