Timing of Screening Measures, the Primary Outcome Variable, and Secondary Outcomes

Pretreatment1 wk1 mo3 mo12 mo
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (screen for postnatal depression)
Infant Development Inventory (screen typical development)
Sleep diary (primary outcome [sleep])
Actigraphy (objective measure of sleep)
Salivary cortisol (secondary outcome: infant stress)
DASS-21 (secondary outcome: parent stress/mood)
Child Behavior Checklist 1.5–5.0 y (secondary outcome: child behavior/emotion)
Strange situation procedure (secondary outcome: child-parent attachment)
  • Child Behavior Checklist and DASS-21 were blind scored by JW; strange situation procedure was blind scored by RD; actigraphy data were automatically scored using the ActiWare (v.5, Philips Respironics, Bend, OR) computerized algorithm after manual correction of bedtimes from sleep diaries.28 Sleep diaries were scored by KJ.