Summary and Description of Specific Developmental Topic Interventions (n = 7)

InterventionBrief DescriptionFocusDelivery
Family-centered treatment (colic)Individual sessions, developed IFTPIdentification of potential causes of and responses to infant colic, develop coping mechanisms to deal with crying3 sessions within 6 wk
Delivered by: pediatrician and mental health specialist
Primary care: delivered in the primary care clinic
BBP (colic)Booklets and video mailed to parents, optional phone call and group parenting sessionDevelopment of a tailored management plan to address infant crying25 min video, 1 group session 1.5 h
Delivered by: maternal child health nurses
Cost: $60
Primary care: overseen by pediatrician at respective health centers
THB (colic)Video for parents describing the best way to calm their infant on the basis of a step-wise approach beginning with feeding, then holding, changing, swaddling, side-laying, swaying, exposing to white noise, and then pacifierStrategies to soothe crying infant30 min video
Delivered by: multimedia video
Primary care: delivered in community hospitals on the newborn nursery, assume cared provided by general pediatricians
Infant massage (colic)Mothers learned to administer infant massage during 1 session, then massaged infants once during the day and once at night before sleeping. Control group was rocked gently for 5–25 minInfant massage for soothing1 session, daily massage 15–20 min
Delivered by: training by expert in infant massage, massage administered by mothers
Primary care: training provided in clinic
Literacy promoting intervention (reading)Families given an age appropriate book and written handout explaining benefits of reading to childrenChild literacy and parent-child interactionsEach well-child visit from 6–18 mo
Delivered by: pediatric providers
Primary care: delivered in the primary care clinic during well-child visits
ROR (reading)Reading demonstrations of age-appropriate books, anticipatory guidance, written material, and age-appropriate book written in EnglishChild literacy and parent-child interactionsEach well-child visit from 6 mo to 6 y
Delivered by: volunteer (demonstration) and physician (anticipatory guidance)
Primary care: delivered in the primary care clinic waiting rooms
ROR + MModeling how parents could use a developmentally appropriate book to engage the child in mathematics activities around specific concepts (discriminating small numbers of objects, counting, simple arithmetic, geometry, spatial thinking) by using mathematical language and written handout focused on each conceptChild literacy, parent-child interactions, and promotion of basic math skills1 session at a well-child visit
Delivered by: pediatric residents
Primary care: delivered in the primary care clinic
  • BBP, Baby Business Program; IFTP, Individualized Family Treatment Plan; THB, The Happiest Baby.