Examples of Free-Text Comments and Observations Made by Raters While Coding Movies

MovieComments and Observations While Coding
Big Hero 6Idea that looking overweight is the main problem, rather than physical health
Cinderella (2015)Woman running a bakery is overweight and stinks in an unpleasant way
How to Train Your Dragon 2Throughout the movie, there was a constant idea that larger men and dragons were lethargic and less skilled.
Ice Age: Continental DriftGranny: “Hey, fats, get me out of here”; “Pretend I’m a dessert; that should motivate you.”
Monsters UniversityLooking good is the reason for working out.
Rio 2The child with overweight says that she smelled chicken, and then shortly after that, she was shown squirting whipped cream on the pancakes; seems to be food-motivated.
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of WaterPatrick [a character with overweight] whines about feet hurting and walking; Patrick is frequently depicted as being stupid and lazy.
The CroodsMan with overweight is the only exasperated character after running; an important quotation was “food fixes everything.”
Dr Seuss’ The LoraxOverweight bear is eating sticks of butter inside the fridge; the Lorax calls the main character (who is lean) “Beanpole” [example of underweight-related name-calling, but, in contrast, without the negative connotation or negative context that typically accompanies overweight/obesity-related name-calling].
The Smurfs 2This segment showed a large cake and a heavier Smurf, Greedy, who was immediately blamed for the missing piece of the cake before being seen with frosting all over his face.