Proportion of Coded Movies (n = 31) and Segments (n = 302) in Which Each Coded Variable Was Observed

Movies, % (n)10-Minute Segments, % (n)
Food or drink
 Unhealthy food87 (27)42 (128)
 Fruit and/or vegetable77 (24)33 (101)
 Exaggerated portion size71 (22)29 (88)
 Sugar-sweetened beverage61 (19)24 (72)
 Fast food19 (6)5 (15)
 Branded food10 (3)3 (8)
Eating when not seated at table74 (23)22 (66)
Eating with screen on10 (3)1 (3)
Screen on and actively in usea68 (21)38 (114)
Screen on but not being watchedb48 (15)19 (58)
Exercise portrayed negatively29 (9)4 (12)
Weight stigma84 (26)30 (90)
  • a “Screen on and actively in use” denotes an instance of present screen media in which a character is actively engaging with the screen media depicted (ie, the character is shown watching the television screen, using the computer, or playing a video game).

  • b “Screen on but not being watched” denotes the presence, but not the active use, of screen media (eg, a television screen is on while the character is in the room, but the character is not intentionally watching it).