Adjusted Associations of Morning Stress and Mood on the Proportion of Food Categories Served at Snack and Dinner Evening Meal Occasions

Independent Predictor: StressMean95% CIPIndependent Predictor: MoodMean95% CIP
Full sample adjusted analyses
 Fast food0.01(−0.01 to 0.03).149  Fast food0.00(–0.02 to 0.02).967
 Preprepared foods0.02(−0.01 to 0.06).182 Preprepared foods0.05(0.01 to 0.08).025*
 Homemade foods–0.05(−0.08 to −0.01).008* Homemade foods−0.06(–0.09 to –0.02).004*
Stratified by race and/or ethnicity
 African AmericanAfrican American
  Fast food0.04(−0.01 to 0.08).116 Fast food−0.02(0.08 to 0.04).485
  Preprepared foods0.03(−0.04 to 0.11).389 Preprepared foods0.10(0.03 to 0.17).008*
  Homemade foods–0.10(−0.16 to −0.04).001* Homemade foods−0.09(−0.16 to −0.02).008*
  Fast food0.01(−0.02 to 0.04).509 Fast food0.03(0.05 to 0.11).466
  Preprepared foods0.03(−0.04 to 0.09).427 Preprepared foods−0.02(0.13 to 0.09).755
  Homemade foods–0.02(−0.09 to 0.05).555 Homemade foods0.00(0.14 to 0.14).967
  Fast food–0.01(−0.03 to 0.01).319 Fast food−0.02(−0.05 to 0.00).080
  Preprepared foods0.04(−0.03 to 0.10).270 Preprepared foods0.04(−0.04 to 0.13).296
  Homemade foods–0.02(−0.09 to 0.05).527 Homemade foods−0.02(−0.11 to 0.07).682
  Fast food0.00(−0.04 to 0.04).897 Fast food−0.01(–0.04 to 0.02).522
  Preprepared foods0.05(−0.04 to 0.14).306 Preprepared foods0.12(0.04 to 0.20).003*
  Homemade foods–0.07(−0.17 to 0.03).161 Homemade foods−0.12(−0.19 to −0.06)<.001*
 American IndianAmerican Indian
  Fast food–0.04(−0.07 to 0.00).038* Fast food−0.01(−0.06 to 0.04).655
  Preprepared foods0.07(0.00 to 0.14).053 Preprepared foods0.04(−0.04 to 0.12).344
  Homemade foods–0.04(−0.11 to 0.02).223 Homemade foods−0.05(−0.12 to 0.02).164
  Fast food0.07(−0.01 to 0.15).069 Fast food0.04(−0.03 to 0.12).254
  Preprepared foods–0.04(−0.14 to 0.05).342 Preprepared foods−0.02(−0.11 to 0.06).631
  Homemade foods–0.03(−0.11 to 0.04).381 Homemade foods−0.02(−0.09 to 0.05).572
  • Adjusted models include covariates: primary caregiver age and BMI, family race, weekend or weekday observation. Interpretation example: a 1-unit increase in depressed mood earlier in the day was negatively associated with serving homemade foods (mean response: −0.06, 95% CI: −0.09 to −0.02, P = .004) but was positively associated with serving preprepared foods the same night at dinner (mean response: 0.05, 95% CI: 0.01 to 0.08, P = .025), after controlling for all other covariates in the adjusted models. Effect modification interpretation example: in the African American subpopulation analysis, a 1-unit increase in stress levels earlier in the day was negatively associated with serving homemade foods the same night at dinner (mean response: −0.10, 95% CI: −0.16 to −0.04, P = .001).

  • * P < .05.