Relative Changes in HEI-2010 Component Scores in Children From Low-Income Households in the NHANES Comparing Scores Before (2003–2008) and After (2011–2012) the Policy Change

Mean HEI-2010 Component (Maximum Score)Nonparticipants (n = 478)WIC Participants (n = 719)Ratio of Relative Changes in Respective Component Scores Comparing WIC Participants With Nonparticipants
Before (2003–2008)After (2011–2012)Before (2003–2008)After (2011–2012)Ratio of Changes (WIC to Non-WIC)95% CIP
Total Fruit (5)–1.2.73
Whole Fruit (5)–1.4.62
Total Vegetables (5)–1.3.47
Greens and Beans (5)–9.4.02
Whole Grains (10)–2.6.08
Dairy (10)–1.2.53
Total Protein Foods (5)–1.3.46
Seafood and Plant Proteins (5)–2.1.18
Fatty Acids (10)–1.8.06
Refined Grains (10)–1.1.21
Sodium (10)–1.1.84
Empty Calories (20)11.012.412.414.01.00.9–1.2.69
  • Model was adjusted for the following covariates: age, race/ethnicity, gender, and weight status and energy intake of the child; education and marital status of the household respondent; and household income-to-poverty ratio and household food security status. The model included household WIC participation, a variable denoting preintervention versus postintervention period, and an interaction between WIC and intervention period.