Summary of Included RCTs Evaluating NNS Interventions and Long-term Metabolic Health in Children

Publication; StudyCountry, Enrollment YearsSubjects Randomized (% Completed)Mean Age at Baseline, y (SD)Study Duration, moWeight Status at BaselineNNS Intervention and ComparatorRelevant Outcomes ReportedEffects ReportedRisk of Bias
de Ruyter et al, 201223; Double-Blind Randomized Intervention Study in Kids (DRINK)Netherlands, 2009–2011641 (74)8.2 ± 1.81818% overweight; BMI z-score 0.03Sweetened beverages: 34 mg sucralose + 12 mg acesulfame K vs 26 g sucroseBMI z-score, weight:height ratio, fat mass, sum of skinfolds, waist circumference, % body fatReduced weight gain and fat accumulation in NNS group; difference in BMI z-score change from baseline for NNS versus comparator: −0.13 (95% CI −0.20 to −0.06; P = .001)Unclear
Taljaard et al, 2013,24 BeForMi StudySouth Africa, 2010414 (96)8.2 ± 1.18.514% underweight; BMI z-score −0.58Sweetened beverages: 25 mg sucralose vs 21 g sucroseBMI z-score, weight-for-age z-scoreNo effect on BMI z-score, but higher weight-for-age z-score with NNS: +0.07 (95% CI 0.14 to 0.002, P = .03)Unclear
  • Risk of bias was assessed using the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool.32