Comparison of ORs for Developing Overall and Airway Adverse Events in Preterm and Term Patients in Patients 0 to 36 Months of Age

Event0 to 6 mo7 to 18 mo19 to 36 mo
Any adverse event2.630.38a1.71a0.59a1.300.77
Oxygen desaturation1.330.752.77a0.36a1.980.51
Airway obstruction1.560.641.290.772.220.45
  • Patients in the 0- to 6-mo age category were at highest risk for developing adverse events. The occurrence of apnea was dramatically higher in preterm infants. The odds of preterm children developing oxygen desaturation increased after 6 months of age, suggesting that this group has decreased reserve compared with term children of similar age. There were no incidents of laryngospasm, bronchospasm, or snoring in the preterm group 0 to 6 mo of age.

  • a Statistical significance (P < .05).