Estimates of US Undergraduate Medical and Graduate Medical Trainee Involvement in GH

US TraineesYear(s) of Data CollectionScope of Global Involvement and Recent Trends
Undergraduate medical education
 US medical students51,521986, 2008, 2015US medical student participation in GH experiences increased from 8% in 1986 to 28% in 2008 and to 31% in 2015.
Graduate medical education
 Anesthesiology residents53201091% of anesthesiologist resident survey respondents reported interest in GH, with 15% completing a GH elective during residency.
 Emergency medicine residents54,552009, 2013An estimated 74%–80% of US emergency medicine residency programs reported at least 1 resident participating in a GH elective during the surveyed year.
 Family medicine residents561998In 1998, 45% of family medicine residency program survey respondents offered some form of GH elective.
 Neurology residents572012Just over half of US neurology residency program survey respondents allowed GH electives. Of those, 55% of programs had 0%–9% of residents participating annually and 21% had 10%–19% of residents participating annually.
 Ophthalmology residents58201254% of ophthalmology residency program survey respondents offered GH electives.
 Orthopedic residents59,602014, 201526% of orthopedic residency program survey respondents offered GH electives.
 Otolaryngology residents61201023% of US otolaryngology departments identified GH initiatives within their departments; 90% of those initiatives supported resident involvement.
 Pediatric residents50,62641995, 2006, 2008, 201458% of pediatric residency programs offered GH opportunities in 2014, up from 25% in 1995. An estimated 7% of pediatric residents went abroad during the 2013–2014 academic year, and a 2008 survey of graduating residents indicated that 21% had completed a GH elective during their cumulative 3 years of training.
 Pediatric subspecialty fellows652008, 2011Pediatric subspecialty fellowship GH opportunities advertised on the AMA-FREIDA Web site rose from 16% to 23% when comparing 2008 and 2011 online data from a convenience sample of 6 pediatric subspecialties.
 Plastic surgery residents66201564% of plastic surgery residency program survey respondents sponsored resident participation in GH mission trips.
 Psychiatry residents67200842% of psychiatry residency program survey respondents offered GH electives.
 Radiology residents6820104% of radiology residents indicated their residency programs offered international radiology rotations, although 72% expressed a desire to pursue international medical aid work in their career.
 Surgical residents69,702008Surgery resident interest in GH has been reported as high; however, in 2008 only 25% of general surgery residency program respondents offered clinical experiences abroad for trainees.
 Residents, all712013A query of 1856 ACGME-accredited residency program websites found that 380 (20%) offered GH programs (55% with elective-based rotations, 23% with research programs, 15% with extended curriculum-based field training, and 6% with other or uncategorized GH programs).
  • AMA-FREIDA, American Medical Association Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access