Guideline Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

Guideline Inclusion CriteriaGuideline Exclusion Criteria
Asthma guidelinesRegional
Bronchiolitis guidelinesFocused on surgical treatment
Published since 2003Focused on subspecialist care
Guideline from an OECD country20Specific to critical (neonatal or pediatric)
Key recommendations identified in the guidelineFocused on allied health care professionals (nurses, respiratory therapists, etc)
If more than 1 guideline on the topic was identified by the same guideline group, the most recent version was selectedAdult-focused
Patient education–focused
Focused on care not routinely performed by an allopathic physician (ie, acupuncture)
Symptom- rather than condition-focused in the title (cough versus asthma)
Written in a language other than English
  • OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.