Daily Intake of the Patient

Patient’s Daily Intake Before Vitamin Replacement TherapyAI-RDAa 0–6 mo/6–12 mo
Energy, kcal933
Protein, g23.59.1/11a
Carbohydrate, g146.660/95
Fat, g28.131/30
Calcium, mg43200/260
Phosphorus, mg343.9100/275
Iron, mg1.20.27/11a
Magnesium, mg75.130/75
Zinc, mg0.42/3a
Iodine, µg395110/130
Vitamin C, mgTraces40/50
Vitamin D, µg0.010/10
  • a AI, adequate intake according to Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine; RDA, recommended dietary allowances.16