Background Characteristics (Mean or Percent) of Participants in the Intervention and CAU Groups

Background CharacteristicInterventionCAUPa
Participating Mothers (n = 1843)Participating Mothers (n = 1246)
Mother’s age (mean)30.630.8.27
Partner’s age (mean)33.533.4.58
Mother is Dutch born95.3%95.2%.85
Partner is Dutch born95.2%94.8%.58
Single mother0.9%1.2%.45
Living in an urban areab12.4%40.4%<.001
Mother’s education (medium to high)88.3%90.0%.28
Partner’s education (medium to high)81.4%84.0%.16
Mother is employed (>12 h/wk)81.1%84.6%.04
Partner is employed (>12 h/wk)93.9%93.6%.71
 During pregnancy1.6%1.6%.95
 Previous postpartumc4.1%5.6%.06
Firstborn child45.1%48.6%.05
Preterm birthd3.7%3.0%.28
Complications during pregnancy24.0%25.0%.54
Breastfeeding started after birth74.1%82.5%<.001
  • a Differences tested between participating mothers in intervention and CAU groups.

  • b ≥1000 addresses per km2.

  • c Percentage of whole sample.

  • d Birth before 37 weeks’ gestation.