Within-Site Multivariable Models of the Effect of Race and Ethnicity on Antibiotic Provision for Viral ARTIs

SiteaOR NH Blacka (95% CI)aOR Hispanica (95% CI)
A0.65 (0.43–1.00)b0.94 (0.46–1.92)
C0.69 (0.40–1.17)0.79 (0.50–1.27)
D0.38 (0.20–0.72)b0.57 (0.28–1.13)
E0.55 (0.31–0.97)b0.44 (0.21–0.89)b
F0.25 (0.17–0.36)b0.33 (0.19–0.60)b
G1.42 (0.18–10.84)0.87 (0.50–1.51)
  • —, insufficient outcome.

  • a NH white = referent group; adjusted for sex, age, insurance status, triage acuity level, ED site, and provider type.

  • b Signifies statistical significance with P value < .05.

  • c Less than 1% of NH white patients available for statistical comparison.