Characteristics of the Participants’ Hearing Loss

CharacteristicPercentage of Participants
Age of onset of hearing loss
 Late onset (before 2 y of age)6
Degree of hearing loss
 Mild to moderate57
  Mild (26–40 dB HL)35
  Moderate (41–55 dB HL)22
 Moderately severe to profound43
  Moderately severe (56–70 dB HL)15
  Severe (71–90 dB HL)8
  Profound (>90 dB HL)20
Type of amplification
 Hearing aids68
 Cochlear implant13
 Bone conduction hearing aid5
 Hearing aid and cochlear implant3
  • The degree of hearing loss was determined by using the better-ear pure tone average, that is, the average of hearing thresholds at 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz. HL, hearing level.