Threshold Analysis for Imaging Strategies for Evaluation of Suspected Shunt Failure

BaselineComparatorVariableThreshold, WTP 50 000Threshold, WTP 100 000
POCUS-fsMRIPOCUS-CTProbability of CA0.00124
POCUS-fsMRIPOCUS-CTCT specificity0.937
POCUS-fsMRIPOCUS-CTMortality rate of CA0.011
POCUS-fsMRIMRIProbability of death from shunt failure0.0093
POCUS-CTMRIProbability of CA0.002610.00132
POCUS-CTMRICT specificity0.8110.956
POCUS-CTMRIMortality rate of CA0.015
POCUS-CTCTProbability of death from shunt failure0.0095
MRICTProbability of CA0.00094
MRICTCT specificity0.940
  • In paired comparisons, baseline strategy is optimal strategy. CA, cancer. —, not applicable.