Participant Eligibility Rate and Pregnancy Yield Rate by Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategy
Eligibility rate in % (eligible for enrollment as pregnant or preconception among women who completed pregnancy screener)
Among women pregnant at initial screening4.
Among women likely to become pregnant (trying to conceive) at initial screening
Pregnancy yield rate in %
Among preconception enrolled women 38.5c39.937.640.8Not available
Among all enrolled women 79.870.569.091.2100
  • PPG, Pregnancy Probability Group.

  • a By design, all PBS women were pregnant at enrollment so that none were preconceptional.

  • b In IVS, a complicated algorithm was used to assign women to various PPGs, and only women in the High PPG were asked if they were trying to conceive. Thus, the percentage of women at initial screening who were High PPG Tryers was 2.1%. A more comparable rate that identified women to be preconception-eligible during follow-up period is 5.6%.

  • c IVS had a longer period for active and passive recruitment (up to 36 mo) than did the other strategies (16 mo). The rate of 38.5% is based on the ∼16 mo period, whereas the rate of 55.9% is based on the 36 mo period.