Enrollment Rate Among Eligible Women and Newborn Enrollment Rate by Recruitment Strategy

Enrollment RateRecruitment Strategy
Women enrollment rateb (range across study locations)63.1 (51.4–76.9)66.4 (56.8–76.3)81.1 (63.3–100)79.7 (48.2–100)67.0 (63.0–72.2)
Newborn enrollment ratec (range across study locations)81.5 (70.4–90.6)88.0 (73.0–94.2)88.0 (73.7–93.7)93.4 (85.0–97.2)86.2 (80.9–90.4)
  • a Women enrollment rates were 64.7% and 71.0% and newborn enrollment rates were 79.0% and 98.1%, respectively, for the prenatal cohort and the hospital cohort.

  • b Percentage of study-eligible women who consented to participate.

  • c Percentage of enrolled pregnant women who were retained to the time of birth.