Comparison of Resources Required per Enrolled Woman by Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategy
No. of women screened to in order to enroll 1 woman who enrolled her newborn24211332
Staff hours reported for recruitment activitiesa per enrolled womanNot available130193818
  • a Included as recruitment activities are (1) filed staff data collection tasks for mail-out preparation, listing and/or enumeration, pregnancy screening, and consent procedures in the ARS and in the PBS, mail-out preparation, eligibility screening, provider questionnaire, and consent; and (2) management tasks for hospital outreach, provider outreach, community outreach in the ARS and PBS, provider recruitment in the PBS, PBS frame questionnaire administration, and PBS frame building. Data recorded in the staff experience report by task type from 9 EHBR, 6 DO, 5 PBR, and 3 PBS locations after excluding locations with no data or extremely outlying values.